Hamilton: Mercedes' best in Suzuka in the last three seasons

Author of the article: , published April 6, 2024

After qualifying for the Japanese Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton estimated that the Mercedes W15 race car drives better on the "test" track in Suzuka than in the previous two seasons.

Although the Briton won the seventh starting position, his time was more than half a second worse than the lap time with which Max Verstappen won the best starting point, but he says that in free practice he got a clear indication of which way Mercedes should develop a racing car that they managed to improve with only a few minor changes.

"During this last week, we understood well how we can prepare the car better and this weekend it is much better driven. At this track, where good balance is required, he has not been so good in the last three years. Last year we were more than a second behind, but today we were only seven tenths behind. I'm not trying random things this weekend so I was able to focus on meaningful changes and I think it paid off. I was hoping to finish higher in the qualifiers, but unfortunately I couldn't do that. This track is an excellent test ground, as it reveals the limitations of the racing car and shows where it needs to be improved. Now I know where I need to direct my engineers, but improvements will take time.”

Photos: LAT Images

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