Hamilton focused on weaker racetracks

Author of the article: , published on May 6, 2014.

The Briton definitely wants to fight for the title of world champion until the end, but the season has just begun, which means that he has a lot of work to do. Hamilton is doing a good job against Rosberg, but the two are close together, which is why Lewis wants to pay more attention to the racetracks in the future, where he is weaker than his teammate: “Nico drives very well, he always makes me helpless.

Each race must be taken separately. One time he’ll be faster, another time me, as we saw last year. I was very successful in China, but in Bahrain he was stronger than me. My job this year will be to minimize the gap behind him on racetracks where he is stronger. I've already done something, but for example, I've reduced the gap to less than three tenths of a second. Above all, I will pay the most attention to the racetracks, where I am weaker. "

In the next two races in Spain and Monaco, Rosberg is expected to have an advantage over Hamilton if we take into account last year. Last year, for example, Hamilton finished fourth in Monte Carlo and only twelfth in Barcelona, ​​while Rosberg won and sixth. So Hamilton will soon face a big test where he has to prove himself if he wants to stay in the close fight for the world title.

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