Hamilton: I’m not interested in fighting Buttn

Author of the article: , published March 10, 2013.

Lewis Hamilton said he was not interested in beating former team-mate Jenson Button, thus slightly fueling their rivalry. Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have been racing together for McLaren since 2010, and relations between them have cooled all the time, and McLaren has become less and less a “Lewis” team. At the end of last season, however, Hamilton decided to leave his once-dream McLaren team and move to Mercedes, although when he won the 2008 world title, he said he wanted to end his career with the Woking team.

McLaren now appears to have become Buttn’s team, which suits the Briton very well. “I really love my job at the moment,” he said, explaining that the atmosphere in the team after Hamilton’s departure is completely different.

Hamilton, too, recently expressed great satisfaction with his new team, and has now started another psychological war with Butten, declaring that it would be nothing special to beat his former rival. “I am looking forward to competing with Fernando Alonso. I would also like to beat Sebastian Vettl, as these are the two racers who have the most titles. But Alonso is the fastest racer in my eyes, ”said Hamilton.

Like Hamilton years ago, Button now, no matter how much respect the 2008 season champion shows him, said he would like to end his career with McLarn. “I feel very at home here. When the time comes, I would like to end my career here. ”

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