Hamilton: Ferrari is complaining about not winning

Author of the article: , published April 4, 2014

In a conversation with Formula One boss Bernie Eccleston, Luca di Montezemolo, the president of Ferrari, expressed dissatisfaction with the modern Formula One, which he said is boring. This weekend, the Italian plans to talk to the president of the FIA ​​and propose some changes to spice things up. The basis for his claims is a poll conducted by Ferrari on its website among its fans and other viewers on the social network Twitter.

But Lewis Hamilton said Ferrari are critical of the new image of Formula One because they failed to build a competitive race car. “Di Montezemolo didn’t really complain at all when Michael Schumacher won five titles in a row,” the Mercedes racer said. “It’s the same with the McLaren team. They, too, did not complain when they won titles, and the same is true with Red Bull when they won. Now, however, when someone else is better, everyone complains. That's how this game is played, ”said Hamilton, who, of the 50.000 individuals surveyed, said 83 percent said Formula One had become boring because racers don't drive fully during the race because they're saving. with fuel.

Fans were also disturbed by the sound of the engines, and for the most part they think the rules are too complicated.

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