Hamilton claims it is not the first violin

Author of the article: , published March 26, 2013.


Lewis Hamilton denies that he enjoys statues of the first racer on the Mercedes team, according to Red Bull adviser Helmut Marko. The Briton claims that before the transfer from McLaren he demanded equal status in the team.

Shortly after the race for the Malaysian Grand Prix, where Mercedes boss Ross Brawn repeatedly ordered Nico Rosberg to stay in fourth place behind Lewis Hamilton, Marko said: “We treat our racers equally, not like Mercedes, where it is clear who is number one. ”

But Hamilton vehemently denied Mark's claims, saying it was clear at Red Bull who the team's first racer was. “This is nonsense,” the Briton said. “They have a clear number one and a racer number two, they always had them. So they also had the problems they had. We do not have the first and second racer.

I always claimed, as soon as I got in touch with the team, that I wanted to be equal. I was not offered any favors at all, but I still wanted to point out that I am not a racer who would demand it, as most of them do. ”

The 2008 season champion also denied statements by Bernie Eccleston that he wanted to switch to Red Bull last year instead of Mercedes. “I don’t even know what to say to his statements. I think he said something about my negotiations with Red Bull? I instructed my managers to talk to all the teams and find me the best option.

There wasn’t some particular team I wanted to go to. But now I'm here at Mercedes, and that was my best decision. "

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