Haas and Audi in the hunt for the remains of Marussie

Author of the article: , published on December 16, 2014.

The failed Marussia goes to market, you might say. Namely, the auction starts today, where we can all participate in the purchase of the team's remains. There are many different parts on sale, from advertising material, souvenirs, racing car parts, furniture, workshop, workshop equipment and so on. Practically everything is available to start your Formula One team, only the contract with Ferrari for the supply of engines still needs to be secured. You can follow the auction at GAEV.com. A lot of interest in certain things comes from America, more specifically from Gene Haas, co-owner of the NASCAR team, which also enters Formula One. Gene wants transport trucks, he is also interested in furniture, and parts of dikralni, which would make it easier for him to enter the Formula One caravan.

Gene said that the English teams have a strange mentality, as they want to make everything themselves: “In England, everyone wants to do everything themselves, and we will develop the car in the USA, and in England we will only have a strategic point for the European market. What we don't make ourselves, we will buy and put together the best package for us. ” By doing so, he may have meant that he wants to buy the Marussi base, buildings that would represent to him this strategic point for the EU. In any case, Haas will have quite a few problems, namely VW is entering the game with Audi. Stefano Domenicali joined the Volkswagen group in November, and Audi boss Ullrich somehow confirmed the talks about entering F1: “In the past, we decided to go on touring and then to Le Mans. At the moment, I can't confirm that we are not thinking about F1, but we have not yet made a decision. "

Rumors about Audi in F1 are growing, and now it is rumored that they are even supposed to buy the failed Marussia. Well, the wish of Volkswagen and Audi is to have a base in Germany, but the purchase of race cars and other materials is still possible. We should only develop the engine and slightly update the car. However, in order to compete seriously and competitively in F1, it would be possible with a one-year delay, ie in 2016, when they could develop their car and test unlimitedly a year before that, as they would not be officially in a Formula One caravan. In the event that Volkswagen or Audi scratch at Marussia, we will somehow already get confirmation of the intention to enter F1. So we are promised the entry of the motto of the sports giant and the exit of a few smaller teams from F1, which would also solve the financial crisis of Formula One. Is that called Bernie Eccleston's Christmas present?

Photos: Audi

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