Gutierrez’s eleventh place as a win

Esteban Gutierrez
Author of the article: , published on May 14, 2013.

Sauber’s rookie didn’t score a single point in the first four races, but despite not being in Spain either, he was very pleased with the achievement: “It’s a very special weekend for me. I would like to thank the team, which was very patient with me, so that we could gradually improve the car and me as well. "

Esteban started the Barcelona race from the nineteenth place, and in the end he ran out of only three tenths of a second to the points, which made him feel like he had won: “Eleventh place is like a victory for us. Finally, after five races, we came close to the points and showed that we have a good race car. ”The team is also pleased with the achievement, where chief designer Matt Morris says:“ We couldn’t ask for more from him. He set some very good times and at one point even led the race.

We never doubted Estabana, as it only took time for him to show his true potential. He has been under a lot of pressure in recent weeks, which has now calmed down somewhat. I hope he will make fewer mistakes in the future and of course improve even more. In general, he makes few mistakes, has quick stops and works well, so we are very happy with him. "

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