Gumball 3000 this year past Slovenia

Author of the article: , published on May 24, 2013.

The Gumball 3000 is an international road race of 3000 miles or 4800 kilometers. This traditional road stage took place for the first time in 1999. It all started when the wealthy Maxmillion Cooper embarked on a long journey across Europe with his 55 friends.

Due to great interest, he founded the company Gumball 3000 Limited and since then the famous Gumball Race 3000 has been held every year.

This year, for the fifteenth time in a row, the mentioned "race" started. Last Saturday was the start in Copenhagen, from where more than 100 supersports and exotic vehicles headed towards Monaco. Unfortunately, this year they bypassed Slovenia and passed us on Austrian and Italian roads.


Among others, quite a few celebrities took part in the race this year, such as: Kimi Raikkonen, Tony Hawk, Jon Ollson and Xzibit.


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