Grosjean supports Renault in its improvements

Author of the article: , published on December 25, 2014.

Romain Grosjean supports Renault engine fitter to pick themselves up after a difficult 2014 season.

Renault's power unit was "nothing" compared to the others, especially Mercedes, which dominated this year. Grosjean raced Lotus with Renault’s powertrain this year, and will also use Mercedes in the future because the team has decided to change outfitters.

“Renault will improve. They’ve always been good at making engines, but this year they just messed up. The drive unit was disastrous at first, but over the course of the season they improved as much as they were capable of. You worked hard, but Mercedes has done an outstanding job and there is still room for improvement. We will hunt them, and until further notice they will definitely be ahead, ”said Grosjean.

On the poor form of Lotus and only eight points won this year, he adds: “I think most of the problems we understood by August this year should be understood on the first test. We should know the behavior of the car and thus the areas where we need to improve. We had a poor cooling system and spent a huge amount of time on it, and the wind tunnel didn’t show us the problems we were having. We have improved in this respect so that we now understand the car and know what areas we need to focus on. ”

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