Giedo van der Garde would almost replace slickse

Author of the article: , published on August 25, 2013.

In the first part of the qualifications, Caterham's racer, as one of the few, insisted on dry track tires and thus took an enviable third place. Jules Bianchi and Max Chilton also tried similarly, thus reaching the second part of the qualifications.

Van der Garde was only 0,374 seconds behind the leading Alons, which makes it an even greater success, with which he is very satisfied: “It was very slippery, which made it difficult for me to drive back to the pits. When I got to the twelfth or thirteenth turn, it was already so wet that I just said to myself: We'll see what happens. It was difficult, as I did not reach the working temperature either. I tried to turn the tires more in the empty space than usual, but then in the last lap everything started to work as it should and that's why everything ended perfectly. "

Let us mention that this is the second time Van der Garde has come to the second part of the qualifiers. This was the first time in Monaco, when he was the first to drive on dry track tires: “Again, I was the one who handled the situation correctly. We were brave, just like in Monaco, when I was the first to drive with tires without a tread. Sometimes I like to take risks, but I also like to progress to the next part of qualifying. The team also did a fantastic job, as they changed the tires very quickly, thank you to them. "

After 2010, when the Marussie team (then Virgin) first came to the second part of the qualifications, quite some time has passed, but they still remember it today: “We wanted to stop, but when I had to drive inside, it was until the end just three more minutes. That's enough in Spa to dry the track and I stayed outside and came up with a fantastic result for us. "

Photos: Caterham

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