GHD Gorjanci is returning to the path of old glory

Author of the article: , published September 2, 2013.

The Gorjanci race is synonymous with Slovenian mountain car racing, as it was first held at the end of the 60s. We can certainly expect a spectacle on the winding roads towards Gorjanci this year as well.


The Gorjanci International Mountain Speed ​​Race starts on Friday, when it will be the turn of verification and technical inspections from 12 noon, on Saturday there are three training runs starting at 11 am, and on Sunday it will really be at 10 am , when three races will determine the winner of GHD Gorjanci 2013. We can certainly expect a spectacle on the winding roads towards Gorjanci this year as well. The competition will be organized on the traditional route Težka Voda - Veliki Cerovec, in a total length of 4300 meters. Also this year, the authorities resurfaced the track with an asphalt coating so that the conditions for the race will be a shade better than last year. Spectators will also get their money's worth, as they will have much more organized income routes than in previous years, and the parking lots intended for them will be specially marked so that they can enjoy racing antics without any worries.

The asphalt surface, which is improving from year to year, also enables ever faster driving. Last year, the winner Vaclav Janik set the track record, which now stands at (01: 44.74). Given that some parts of the asphalt have been resurfaced this year as well, it will be interesting to see if any of the racers break the record. Definitely GHD Gorjanci is one of the more demanding races and that is also why drivers like to race on it. It is a fairly fast track with several combinations of turns, in which the courage and knowledge of the drivers decide, and the power of the car's engine also adds its own. The speeds that the performers reach are very high. Drivers behind the wheel of formulas and prototypes are among the favorites to win. Among the favorites are certainly the track record holder and last year's winner and former European champion Vaclav Janik (Lola B02 / 50), Miloš Beneš (Osella FA30), this year's winner of GHD Ilirska Bistrica, Federico Liber (Formula Gloria C8f), this year's winner of GHD Lučine, Otakar Kramsky (Reynard K12) former European champion and multiple Czech champion, Petr Vitek (Osella PA20s) winner of last year’s FIA Trophy and Dan Michl (Lotus Evora) former European Cup champion and Czech Championship winner. Among Slovenians, the current national champion Aleš Prek (Porsche 997 GT3) and Marjan Smrdelj (Lola F3000), who finished second at GHD Gorjanci last year, will compete for the highest rankings. Of course, we must not ignore historians, as this year's GHD Gorjanci will be considered the highest ranking competition among vintage vehicles.

(M. Možina, GHD Gorjanci)

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