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HillClimb: Milan Bubnič won both trainings in Stubičke Toplice 2019
Author of the article: , published on May 11, 2019.

Slovenian national champion in mountain speed racing, Milan Bubnič, was the fastest in today's training before tomorrow's race for the Stubičke Toplice award. With his powerful Lancia Delta, he was 3 seconds faster than the Croatian Dejan Dimitrijević in the first practice run with a time of 02.509: 6.771, and in the second Pivčan found four seconds and reached the top of Sljeme in 2: 58.388 and dropped below the limit of three minutes. . Dimitrijević was a little more restrained in his Seat Leon, as he drove just under 0.7 seconds faster than the first attempt in the second attempt.

Bubnič's overall advantage increased to 10.2 seconds, but there is still almost five seconds of reserve until the record mark of the rise of 2: 53.392, which Bubnič achieved last year in the first run, so we can expect our champion to show the right form tomorrow.

Peter Marc, Alojz Udovič, Franci Likovič and Matevž Čuden shared the places in the top five behind Bubnič, the general winner of this year's first race in Rechberg. They were ranked between 12th and 16th in the overall standings.

Likovič, the current national champion of Division 1, was the fastest in his class among six racers, 3.867 seconds better than Žan Nagode and 7.375 seconds better than Matej Oblak. Former successful autocross rider Klemen Trček was fourth, and with a gap of 0.605 he announced a fight for at least third place.

In Division 2, Čuden, as the only Slovenian representative, has no competition on Sljeme, while in Division 4, Marc was the fastest.

The racers will take two races tomorrow. The first starts at 10am and the second at 14pm.

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Photos: photomodlic

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