Gajser satisfied with Honda's progress

Author of the article: , published January 21, 2023.

Tim Gajser is very pleased with the development that Honda has done on the CRF450R this year. The Slovenian ace, who will be chasing his sixth title this year, is currently preparing for the new season, which starts on March 12 in Argentina.

The general manager of the team, Marcus Pereira de Freitas, emphasized that behind them was a successful winter period in which they tried to upgrade the motorcycle and eliminate its shortcomings. Our Team Gajser should also be satisfied with the progress.

"The atmosphere in the team is very positive. During the winter break, the team trains well both with and without a motorcycle. He is very pleased with the progress made on the CRF450R and is already looking forward to the new season.”

"He has a few more training sessions before he will be fully ready for the new season. Of course, we monitor his preparations, but at the same time we completely trust him, because he is an example of a true professional athlete.

"Despite all the sponsorship events he had to attend during the winter, this did not disturb his preparations in the slightest. The fact that he has his own training track (Tiga243land) makes it very easy for him to prepare for the season. He can decide when he will train, but he does not have to worry about whether the track will be open or not. We are sure that he will be in optimal shape already in the first race."

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