Gerhard BERGER: Will FORMULA 1 EVER RACE in the rain?

Author of the article: , published September 6, 2021.

Austrian Gerhard berger he said it might be time to formula 1 or its rulers decide whether they want to race in the rain or not. This debate ignited when the leadership of the race GP of Belgium z Michael Massi at the helm decided that two laps behind the safety car was enough for the race to be considered official.

And based on that Max Verstappen got the gift of victory without having to drive just one normal lap. “When you see photos from the winners ’podium when the top three hold the trophies, that’s actually not good and right,”Is for television Servus TV said the former Ferrari and McLaren racer. “The situation was tough, I understand that, but I think they have to decide whether to race in the rain or not. Americans once said in the NASCAR series that they would not race in the rain.“From his perspective, Berger in that Formula 1 continues with racing in the rain, sees nothing wrong. “You know where it’s dangerous and where aquaplaning is. There was only one race in my career that was really critical. But we said 'Okay, it's hard, but let's get on the track.'"

In an interview on Servus TV, Gerhard Berger touched on the race in Belgium and rebuked the Formula 1 leadership. The Austrian says they should decide whether to race in the rain or not.

As for the Sunday rain in Spa-Francorchamps, Berger admits it was dangerous, but: “I think it was possible to race. We also have good drainage systems. If the water drains to some extent, this is possible. You just need to have a more gentle foot on the accelerator pedal." Berger is placed on the side of those who believe that Sunday was in Belgium essentially failure of Formula 1 leadership. "In our time, the leadership has been very strong. Bernie Ecclestone made a decision and was very clear about it. I remember when he started racing in Adelaide in 1991.”However, this does not mean that Berger is critical of Michael Masi, FIA director of racing.

If we have rainy races in Formula 1, then there are rainy races in Formula 1!

Gerhard berger

"He does his job well," so 62-year-old. "In these cases, there are also much bigger insurance problems and much more. But fans sit for ten hours in the rain in the stands and see nothing but those few laps behind the safety car. It can't be. It’s always easier to talk the next day, but unfortunately. My opinion is that if we have rainy races in Formula 1, then there are rainy races in Formula 1. Dot."             

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