Gerčar ended the first MXGP race with an injury

Author of the article: , published April 22, 2015

Motocross rider Klemen Gerčar unfortunately ended his first race in the MXGP championship this year with an injury. On the track in Italy, in front of about 50.000 spectators, not everything went as expected, but as he himself said, he also expected it, as he now has to get used to the new motorcycle. Thus, he finished the first run in the MXGP as the 29th, and in the second he collided with a competitor, injuring his ankle.

“The motorcycle worked flawlessly, we all worked hard to prepare as much as possible for the christening race at the MXGP this season. But I still expected there to be some problems, only that it would end like this, I didn't want that. The result in the first run is not a true reflection of my current form, but in the second I collided with a teammate after a solid start, driving over my leg and twisting my ankle ugly, so I had to resign. After talking to the doctor, we decided to do the doc for even more detailed tests, but I'm still afraid that I won't be able to compete in the next MXGP race in the Netherlands, which will be on the schedule this coming weekend. I’m really sorry that this pitch caught me already in the first race, so to speak, at the start of the season. Once again, I have to thank all the sponsors and all those who stand by my side and I am sure that good results will come, as the team and the motorcycle work well and I remain optimistic, "said Klemen Gerčar after the test in Italy.

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