GEORGE RUSSELL costs 50 million less than LEWIS HAMILTON

Author of the article: , published on December 9, 2020.

This is because now the whole world Formula 1 digests the fact that there was a replacement Lewis Hamilton, therefore George Russell, immediately ready to race on the highest level and was even able to win. This is definitely an awkward time for Hamilton, which with Mercedes has not yet agreed on a new contract from 2021 onwards.

"Hamilton wants a higher salary, but Mercedes saw this weekend that a young racer like Russell can do it very well,”Is for colleagues from The Telegraph said the former Formula 1 racer Christian Albers. His compatriot and also a former member of the royal class of motorsport robert doornbos, so it is for Ziggo Sport said: “Negotiations between Hamilton and Wolff were already difficult anyway. Of course, Toto did it on purpose. He could have easily planted a backup racer in the race car, so he was also political."

With his performance at the Sakhir Grand Prix, George Russell proved how superior a Mercedes car is, thus confusing both Bottas and Hamilton.

"Lewis Hamilton is asking for 50 million, and the boss of Daimler, who is not the biggest fan of Formula 1, wants to reduce the costs for Formula 1 in the company. And this has already complicated the situation. I don't know if Russell is capable of becoming a seven-time world champion, but we can't ignore that his salary is 50 million lower,He added Doornbos. "This will lead to some disagreements between Mercedes and Hamilton anyway, which is perfectly normal when negotiating a new contract."

Lewis Hamilton can certainly have a headache as more and more former racers and experts and the media wonder about the value of his astronomical salary - he demands more than 50 million for a new contract - but if with such a superior car the same job can be done by a racer worth only million.

Specialized the media is pressing also after the second race in Bahrain, Carlos Miguel, correspondent of a Spanish newspaper Brand, and in an open letter proposes that the president of the Daimler Group Wave Källenius seize the opportunity to reduce costs. “The amount demanded by Hamilton is completely unnecessary in the midst of the economic crisis. In today's circumstances, there is no racer who can earn as much as 70 million euros a year, which we hear" so Miguelwhich points out that although Hamilton squeezes a tenth or more out of the car Valtteri Bottas, it is because of such the superiority of the race car unnecessary. “I know it's tempting to always stick to the champion, but it should never be at any cost," Ends Miguel.           

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