Gardner criticized Darryn Binder's behavior on the track after the race

Author of the article: , published March 7, 2022.

After the race, Remy Gardner wanted to talk to Darryn Binder about their duel on the track. He described his premier race in the elite class as a disaster.

The racers took part in the duel practically throughout Sunday's race. The Australian, however, managed to overtake his rival only at the end - in the twentieth lap. Despite a point on his debut, the Tech3 racer had higher ambitions. He thinks he could have made it to twelfth place if he hadn’t spent so much time fighting the younger Binder.

“Even though we are not where we would like to be, it is nice to win the first point. I felt good especially in the start of the race. The final speed itself was not as high as I might have expected, so it was difficult to overtake. ”

"At one point, I thought I could catch up with Dovizioso and Vinales, but I had Darryn Binder in front of me, who I couldn't possibly overtake."

“He came straight from Moto 3, which can be seen in his driving style. He was all over the track, driving to the ideal line without looking around before. It was because of him that I lost touch with the racers in the forefront. I want to meet him so we can talk about it. ”

Binder, who finished behind Garnder, commented on the race:

“I had a good start so I was able to overtake some racers. I was fast and drove very aggressively. By the fifth lap I had calmed down a bit, as there was still a long race ahead of me. ”

“Remy and I overtook him several times. I really enjoyed fighting the other newcomers. I learned a lot, but unfortunately I ran out of time for the first point. ” 

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