Tivoli is coming from Korea!

Author of the article: , published on November 26, 2014.

Korean carmaker SsangYong has announced a new car to be unveiled in January 2015. It will rival Japan’s super-successful Nissan Juke and aim to sell 100.000 units a year. The price will also be favorable, as we will deduct just € 15.000 for a new car. However, the great news does not end here, because the name of the new Korean car is made just for the Slovenian market. The name of the newcomer who will blow Juka off our roads is Tivoli. Yes, Tivoli. As a landscape park in the center of Ljubljana, where people can walk and observe squirrels and pick chestnuts, we will now also be able to ride a four-wheeled Tivoli. Well, although SsangYong executives claim to have borrowed the name from the Italian city of Tivoli, I’m not so sure.

The car will be as performance-focused as an all-terrain vehicle, with comfort and limousine driving. Additional equipment will be dual-directional air conditioning, heated front seats, bluetooth connection, and connection to a mobile phone. Keyless entry will also be present, and a reversing camera will make parking easier. Tivoli will be powered by a 1.6-liter engine, the performance of which is not yet known, but the leaders have announced that the engine will not emit more than 140g of CO2 per kilometer, which is very important information in today's age! The transmission will be a six-speed automatic or manual. There are also plans for a hybrid version that will combine a diesel engine with an electric motor, just like the Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1 have, which means that this city SUV can also be very, very fast. Safety equipment includes ESP, hill start assist, and a brake signal that is activated to alert drivers behind the car.

We are already looking forward to being able to drive in Tivoli with the new Tivoli.


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