Freins winner of the first race

Author of the article: , published on May 11, 2013.

The racer of the newly formed Hilmer Motorsport team, Robin Frijns, is the winner of the first race of the GP2 series at the Circuit de Catalunya. The race was marked by many accidents, including the spectacular "flight" of Nathanael Berthon.
Felipe Nasr, the Carlin racer, was second, and Jolyon Palmer stepped on the last step.

Freins started the race in eighth place, but he performed a great tactic of changing tires, replacing the soft ones with the hard ones in the sixth lap. The racers in front of him decided on a longer first part on a harder mix, but there was real chaos on the track with various tactics.

Marcus Ericsson, who started the race in first place and led the first few laps, handed over the leadership of the race to Friens when he collided with Sam Bird. The DAMS racer had to resign. Second-placed Nasr struggled in the final rounds to fight for the win, but failed to close the gap behind the leader.

Palmer managed to win third place in the fight with Jon Lancaster, Stefan Coletti and Tom Dilmann, but his ranking is still in question, as the commissioners are studying the incident in which Sam Birda was eliminated from the race. Alexander Rossi and Kevin Ceccon finished the race just below the podium, Johnny Cecotto Jr. and Rio Haryanto scored the last points. James Calado resigned immediately after the collision with Fabio Leimer at the start of the race. The latter managed to reach the finish line in a modest 18th place.

Thus, Nathanael Berthon eliminated himself and Sergio Canamasas from the race. Fortunately, Dillmann did not suffer any injuries during the "overflight".

Unofficial results of the first race:

  Racer Team Hour
1. Robin Frijns hilmer 37 laps - 1x00m38.896s
2. Felipe Nasr Carlin + 3.316
3. Jolyon Palmer Carlin + 12.290
4. Jon Lancaster hilmer + 12.609
5. Stefano Coletti Rapax + 13.329
6. Tom dillmann Russian Time + 14.325
7. Alexander Rossi Caterham + 17.160
8. Kevin Cecon Trident + 17.504
9. Johnny Cecotto Jr. Arden + 24.013
10. Haryanto River Color + 32.024
11. Daniel Abbot ART + 32.823
12. Mitch Evans Arden + 35.748
13. Julian Leal Racing Engineering + 39.922
14. Jake Rosenzweig Color + 40.999
15. Stephane Richelmi DAMS + 42.690
16. Daniel de Jong MP + 43.102
17. Adrian Quaife-Hobbs MP + 54.532
18. Fabio Leimer Racing Engineering + 56.946
19. Simon Trummer Rapax + 57.935
20. Rene Binder Venezuela GP + 1 round
21. Sam bird Russian Time DNF
Kevin Giovesi Venezuela GP DNF
Marcus Ericsson DAMS DNF
Sergio Canamasas Caterham DNF
Nathaniel Berthon Trident DNF
James Calado ART DNF


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