Franchitti forced to end his career

Author of the article: , published on November 14, 2013.


Dario Franchitti has to end his racing career due to injuries sustained in the severe crash of the IndyCar series.

The 40-year-old Scot flew over the back of a Takume Sata car in a Houston race and crashed into a safety net. In doing so, he injured his spine, right ankle and suffered a concussion. He returned home after two surgeries, and doctors advised him to end his racing career.

“The doctors who treated my injuries advised me to stop racing. They explained to me quite clearly that the risk was too great and further racing could be detrimental to my health. Given that, I have no choice but to finish.

Racing has been a part of my life for over 30 years, so it’s hard for me to think I’ll never drive again. I was looking forward to next season with the Ganassi team, with which we planned to win the Indianapolis 500 miles race for the fourth time, and the fifth IndyCar series title, ”said Franchitti, adding that he hopes to stay in the racing waters.

“I hope to be able to do some role along the track one day in the IndyCar series. I love racing with open-wheel racing cars and I would like this sport to succeed. I will talk to Chip about how I could stay on the team, ”Franchitti said at the end.

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