Formula One got a new logo

Author of the article: , published on November 26, 2017.

Formula One also unveiled a new logo after the final race of this season. This was shown to the public immediately after the cups were awarded.

“The old logo was very iconic, but we want something more in the future,” said Formula One Marketing Director Ellie Norman at the presentation. “The new logo was inspired by what we learned from our viewers and brings together the associations that viewers want in connection with this sport. The shape is reminiscent of the shape of a race car, but it is two race cars that cross the finish line together, and at the same time it is simple and "brave" (bold - brave or thickened).

The new logo allows us greater flexibility and versatility in the era of mobile devices and digital media. Another important factor is motorsport, which is full of logos, so we had to make sure that our logo would match the logos of the teams, partners and promoters, ”she added. ”

Formula One commercial boss Sean Bratches also explained that they wanted to introduce the Liberty media logo in the 2018 season when they plan new changes.

“We intended to include the new logo in a major overhaul of the brand that will take place in March next year,” he said. “We will present an updated brand, a new graphics package for TV broadcasts, and a new online platform. Since this is formula one, we need to prepare for the future. We had to provide the new logo to all our new partners, promoters, sponsors and a new partner who takes care of the fan props. We thought this was an opportune moment. Nevertheless, we still greatly appreciate the old logo, which has served Formula One well for the past 23 years.

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