Formula 1 will investigate an unusually large number of racer infections

Author of the article: , published on December 19, 2020.

Formula 1 sports boss, Ross Brawn, announced an investigation into an unusually large number infections with the Covid-19 virus among racers.

Staff Formulas 1 has done a total of over this season 76.000 tests for Covid-19 virus, of which positive 78 tests. Teams were initially able to bring up to 80 members to the races, and there were 20 racers in the caravan, so Brawn expressed surprise at the fact that three of the 78 infected were racers. Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez in Lance Stroll. “It’s weird because three of the positive racers were, which is disproportionate given that there are 20 racers,” menu Brawn. "Among the racers, the infection rate was 3 out of 20, and among the rest of the staff, one in a thousand people was infected," said Brawn, highlighting the fact that a large proportion of the remaining 75 infected people were linked to the country where the Formula 1 championship was in a hurry.

“We experienced the biggest outburst when we were surprised by one of the translators who worked for a group of people. Of course, he was in contact with them and a source of infections arose, which we quickly resolved. We had few infections among the teams themselves. The number of infected people among the mechanics, engineers and other team members was very small. ”

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