FORMULA 1 could add QATAR to the 2021 RACE CALENDAR

Author of the article: , published on August 24, 2021.

Race GP of the Netherlands in Zandvoort it got the green light at the last minute and will be on the agenda after GP of Belgium, race v SingaporeAt Japan, China, V Kanadi in v Australia so they were canceled.

However, the media can say that it should gap, which arose due to cancellation Melbourne, filled Qatar. A race that would 21. November had to report v Albert Park, will now be performed on Losail International Circuit. Racecourse for fans MotoGP the series is not unknown, as it has been racing here on two-wheelers since 2004.

The Formula 1 management has its hands full again this year to find alternative locations for canceled races, and all indications are that Qatar is expected to replace Australia - Photo: HB Press

Despite global pandemics, the management of Formula 1, as already mentioned, is doing its best to ensure that this year's calendar contains the planned 23 dirk. She has already filled one gap in the calendar Turkey with his track Istanbul Park, where Formula 1 hosted last year. If the rulers of the royal class of motorsport fails to perform 23 races, Yippee 21 dirk the minimum they strive for.

The Losail International Circuit has been hosting the MotoGP series since 2004. Will it be hosting a Formula 1 race for the first time in its history this year?

So once again, we are witnessing proof that it is Middle East a hot destination when it comes to Formula 1. Bahrain in Abu Dhabi they have already hosted races and will now join them Qatar, whose official announcement, according to the media, was only formality . This season, she found herself on the calendar with her first race as well Saudi Arabia. Colleagues from as well as reported to be Liberty Medium worked on the second race in Bahrain, which would be performed on a shorter version of the track in To Sakhir.  

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