Foreign newspapers praise Rosberg and criticize Hamilton

Author of the article: , published September 6, 2016.

After Sunday’s game, sports newspapers were full of praise at the expense of Nic Rosberg, while putting Lewis Hamilton in his shadow. Below we quote opinions published by foreign media.

The Times: “Cold as ice, Rosberg punished Hamilton’s mistake at the start and thus started a new fight for the world title. Monza can be Ferrari's home racetrack, but the Italian GP belongs only to Mercedes and Rosberg. "

The Guardian: “Lewis Hamilton is one of the best racers of the season and he has, and will continue to, make history in Formula 1. However, on Sunday he made a mark as a racer who did not do his part as he should, which he did. it can still cost dearly. In the end, maybe even a world title. In any case, Hamilton gave the victory to Rosberg. "

Daily Telegraph: “Hamilton’s hopes for the 50th victory of his career were dashed after the initial twenty meters. His mistake at the start of the race was a big accident for him and proof that the best racer in the fastest race car is not necessarily a big winner. Rosberg can only be grateful to him. He was without a chance for two days, but now he has proved that he also knows how to drive a race without a mistake from start to finish. "

The Independent: “Lewis basically lost twice; firstly from the very beginning and secondly because he refused to admit his mistake. Second place was the best he could have achieved and at least slightly corrected his poor start. But for a racer like Hamilton, it's not a consolation. "

The Sun: “Lewis will have to talk to his technicians and mechanics as well as the management to clarify the reasons for such a poor start as he showed in Sunday’s race. He claims he is not guilty, but not everyone on his team is of that opinion either. No one but him wanted to believe in the clutch problem. The mistake would most likely be on his side and not on the side of technology. "

Gazzetta dello Sport: “Vettl’s plan was to be better than Räikkönen and Red Bull. The mission was successful. After winning the podium, he was able to find his satisfaction. Rosberg, however, can celebrate his second victory in less than eight days without a guilty conscience. Rosberg is a great racer with one problem - he has Hamilton on his team. "

Corriere Dello Sport: “Rosberg is the new king of the Italian Grand Prix and his victory is largely due to him. After four races, Ferrari tasted champagne on the podium again and Vettel also found its optimism, which some have already missed. "

Tuttosport: “Ferrari was flawless, but the difference between it and Mercedes is still big. Monza is not a racetrack with difficult turns, but there was a noticeable difference between the two race cars. "

Kronen-Zeitung: “Hamilton fell asleep at the start, but still claims it wasn’t his fault. So the only problem Mercedes obviously has is the start. Niki Lauda also claims that it all depends on the feel and fingers of the racer. If everything works as it should, then with a car like this you fly like a rocket. "

Blick: "The leading racer completely ruined the start and even before the first turn he was overtaken by as many as five racers. Thus, seven races before the end, the pressure on Hamilton is even greater. The race in Singapore will be even more interesting for this reason. "

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