Announcement of a refreshed 'mini' SUV

Author of the article: , published March 10, 2015.

The refreshed ford ecosport was also presented in Geneva this time, although its presentation was carried out more quietly and without a large number of fanfare. The reason for the car's refresh lies in the relatively poor sales figures (about 18.000 units have been delivered to customers so far) in Europe, where six times more customers choose the bigger brother (the plague model)…

The current owners of the ecosport model will certainly not be happy with this news about the update, because we have already received the current mild update after one year of sale, but Ford thinks a little differently, because this model has been on the market since 2012. owners of this compact SUV model is that the renovation of the ecosport model is carried out in a minimalist form, so the differences between the current and new version, which will be available to customers at the end of this spring, will be noticed only by connoisseurs.

The most noticeable is the change in the rear, where we no longer find a spare wheel on the tailgate. Instead, there is now a license plate. If the customer still insists on the supply of the 'five-wheeler', Ford will satisfy him, although it is not clear under what conditions (free or extra charge?) They will satisfy the customer. In the press release, the manufacturer mentioned innovations (different ambient lighting, a little more shiny metal in the area of ​​the main control gauges ..) in the interior of the passenger cabin, including the 'new' dashboard, but again slightly exaggerated because the built-in dashboard it still comes from the fiesta model. However, they took care of slightly more differently colored details in the dashboard area, while there are not many changes in terms of embedded electronic IT systems, as the incorporation of the latest technologies presented in the recently refreshed focus would raise sales prices. At an additional cost, the customer will also be able to think of a larger, centrally mounted 4-inch touch screen, where information obtained from the rear-mounted camera will also be available when reversing.

They also mentioned the need for even better sound insulation inside the passenger compartment and new chassis settings (due to the modified rear axle), which are slightly different in the interest of Europeans, including the settings of the steering mechanism and ESP system. According to the new, the ecosport is also slightly lower because the body has lost 10 mm at a distance from the road surface. The offer of powertrains is also slightly different. Both petrol engines (82 kW / 112 hp and 92 kW / 125 hp) remain unchanged, while the built-in turbodiesel engine has gained some power as it will be able to offer 70 kW / 95 hp after a new customer. All built-in drive motors are connected in series with a 5-speed manual transmission and only in front-wheel drive versions. The attached photos show the new version of the ecosport S. Among the special features of this version are the darker cabin windows in the area behind a pair of front side doors, black roof, black 17-inch light wheels and a similar color pair of exterior rear-view mirrors. comfort equipment.

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