Force India also in 2014 with Mercedes

Force India
Author of the article: , published March 28, 2013.

Also in the 2014 season, we will watch or hear the race cars of the Force Indie team with Mercedes engines, as they extended their cooperation today. Let us remember that the team from Silverstone joined forces with Mercedes in 2009, and further cooperation will also bring Mercedes hydraulics and a gearbox to the team.

The head of the team, Vijay Mallya, said that the extension of this cooperation is key to the further success of the team: "The rules regarding engines will change next year, so we cannot imagine a better partner. Cooperation in the long run gives us some stability, which is necessary for progress on the starting line. "

They are also excited about the extended collaboration at Mercedes, where Toto Wolff, where this is their first collaboration under the revised rules coming into force in 2014: “Force India was our first real customer of Formula One engines in 2009, due to We are pleased to extend our contract with him in 2014. Long-term cooperation means an excellent price-quality ratio. We hope that this means that we will work with Force Indio throughout the entire period of the new engine units. "