Will Force India be even better in Malaysia?

Author of the article: , published March 19, 2013.


Paul di Resta, Force India racer estimates that higher air temperatures and tracks will suit his VJM06 race car better. The Scot is confident that the Melbourne achievement can still be repaired. “I think the warm weather will suit our race car,” di Resta explained. “We’ve been very solid in Malaysia over the last few years, so I think we have a good reason to be optimistic. We still have a few things to fix, but we started this season well. We have shown that we can start the race with a stop less than some of our competitors, but now we are interested in whether it will be the same in Malaysia, ”said di Resta, after he and his teammate Adrian Sutil finished seventh and eighth in Australia. served the team with the best start to the season so far.

Paul di Resta is also looking forward to performing on the track in Sepang because it is one of his favorites. “This is one of the most complete tracks this season. It was the first in a new generation of racetracks. It has fast and fluid, and some slow parts, as well as very fast chicanes. Along Shanghai, this is one of the trails I enjoy the most. ”

Teammate Sutil, who found himself in the lead several times in the first race of the year due to different tactics, is a little more cautious in his predictions regarding the race in Malaysia. “I don’t know how higher temperatures will affect the behavior of the car, as we haven’t faced them in testing. Sepang is not my favorite track, but it all depends on the race car. The car is fast and stable. It’s more fun, but sometimes it gets unbalanced, and then it’s hard to keep it on track. It needs a lot of aerodynamic grip. We liked the weather in Australia, but we will see how it will be in Malaysia. ”

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