Flavio Briatore puts RUSSIA at heart: FINISH with racing

Author of the article: , published on December 19, 2020.

Flavio Briatore as a manager Fernanda Alonsa returns to the paddock next season Formula 1, and with that he will receive a little more media attention than usual, so we will certainly hear his more often controversial statements.

Alonso will be at 39 years age next season returned in Formula 1 as a racer Renault, with which before 14 years won his second world title, which is not in dispute for his manager Briatore, and the tanned Italian, on the other hand, believes that the nine-time motorcycle world champion should Valentino Rossi, who will turn 42 in February, withdraw from the race to be remembered by all as a grand champion.

Flavio Briatore advises the popular Doctor to stop racing.

"I advise Rossi to finish racing, as we want to remember him as a great champion," Briatore said in an interview with Radio Radio, “Sometimes age matters. Vale is a great champion, he has won everything, but there comes a day when you have to stop because you lose motivation over the years, ” believes an Italian who has compared the career of a motorcycle racer to the career of a footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic. "Ibrahimovic is still a fully competitive player at the age of 39. He is an exceptional example who has dedicated his whole life to sports and has never failed. But it's completely different if they kick you in the ankle, or at 300km / h you miss a bend and fall. It’s one thing to be a football player, it’s quite another to be a racer. During these years, the reflexes change, everything is different, ” Flavio is convinced.

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