The FIA ​​returned third place to Alonso in Saudi Arabia

Author of the article: , published March 20, 2023.

Fernando Alonso retained his third place from the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, which was taken away from him immediately after the race, due to an allegedly wrongly served penalty for the incorrect position of the car at the start.

The Aston Martin team appealed the decision of the referees, which was the result of a short clip of Alonso serving his penalty, where it appeared that the car's rear jack momentarily touched, and succeeded in the appeal, as the rules do not prohibit the mechanics from touching racing car, but they are not allowed to work on it while serving the time penalty.

"The time penalty was served as we allowed ourselves a bit more time, just for safety," explained Aston Martin's sporting boss, Andy Stevenson. "The rules say that you can't work on a racing car, and as far as I understand the rules, we didn't work on a racing car."

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