The FIA ​​acknowledged the inconsistency of the flow meter

Author of the article: , published March 16, 2014.

Daniel Ricciardo won an excellent second place in the home race in Albert Park, but after the race he was disqualified by the commissioners because his car was supposed to use more fuel during the race than the rules allow. The team appealed the commissioners' decision, as the fuel flow meter, which the FIA ​​uses to keep the engine from consuming more than a hundred kilograms of fuel per hour, is said to be inconsistent.

Already at Friday's free practice, the Red Bulls camp found that the flow meter, approved by the FIA, shows different flow data while driving, so before the last free practice on Saturday, they replaced it with another sensor, which changed during the qualifications. spoiled. The FIA ​​then demanded that they install the original sensor on the car after qualifying and reset it. The settings requested by the FIA ​​were not correct, according to Red Bull, as measurements made on the fuel injectors themselves showed a large deviation.

"The FIE technical representative noticed that the fuel flow was too high, so he contacted the team and gave them the opportunity to reduce the fuel flow so that it would be within the limits allowed on the basis of an approved sensor," the International Automobile Federation said in a statement. . "But the team didn't do it."

However, the FIA ​​added that Red Bull, in their opinion, violated the rules also because they decided to use their own method of measuring fuel flow, even though the FIA ​​did not order them to do so. "Although the original sensor showed inconsistent data between individual runs in the first free practice, the team must use it to measure fuel flow, unless the FIA ​​allows otherwise."

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