Even fewer races in Europe?

Author of the article: , published on June 27, 2013.


Bernie Ecclestone warned that even more European races could disappear from the Formula One race calendar. Over the next two years, the Formula One caravan will be hosted in Sochi, Russia, New Jersey and Thailand.

The Briton hinted that one of the increasingly "endangered" trails is the Italian Monza. There, he is most disturbed by the quality of the racetrack, but if the event disappeared from the race calendar, he said, it would be an economic decision.

“It’s entirely possible that Europe will lose a few more races to have enough room on the calendar for new markets,” the 82-year-old Ecclestone said. "If we lose Monza, it will only be for economic reasons. I said “if” because there is no decision on that yet. Of course, the track, as well as the organization, could be of better quality, but as I said, this is not crucial.

For now, Formula One visits only seven European racetracks, Barcelona, ​​Monte Carlo, Silverstone, Nurburgring, Hungaroring, Spa Francorchamps and Monzo.

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