The Ferrari engine saves fuel

Author of the article: , published on February 17, 2014.

Ferrari seems to have prepared one of the biggest innovations of this season. Last week, a number of technical media outlets called for a unique way to cool the F14-T race car, allowing for smaller air intakes on the sides. The Italian Gazzetta dello Sport, however, now reports that the Ferrari V6 engine is a very innovative product.

The engine, manufactured by Maranello, is also said to have a cut-off system installed, which interrupts the ignition spark and injects fuel into the combustion chamber. It is this system that is supposed to drastically reduce fuel consumption while preventing overheating.

Mercedes Paddy Lowe, meanwhile, has already expressed hope that this year's champion will not be decided by fuel restrictions, which says that each racer can use only 100 kilograms of fuel for the entire length of the race.

“Fuel consumption and tire wear have always been important factors in Formula One,” he told Finland’s MTV3. "I hope we don't watch a less interesting race because of that."

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