Ferrari helps Binachi forward

Jules Bianchi
Author of the article: , published on August 28, 2013.

Bianchi as a member of Ferrari’s racing academy of course also has support in finding a new better team. Namely, Jules will not be able to show what kind of test he is at Marussia, which is why he is expected to advance in the upcoming season. Of course, Marussia team boss John Booth wants to keep Binachi for another year, but his manager Nicolas Todt has already hinted at replacing the team.

“It is true that Bianchi is in a small team, but he has already made a name for himself in Formula One. Some need a lot, if ever, to get there, ”said Todt, who added:“ Ferrari follows him every step of the way, so they expect results. It's a lot of pressure for him, but it's time to move him to one of the better teams before he comes to Scuderia one day. "

One of the most logical “solutions” for Jules is Sauber. The Swiss team also wants to sign a contract with Ferrari for the supply of engines, so Bianchi could be a "side" acquisition for the team. But maybe with a year of delay in Formula One, only Luiz Razia will come, who had problems with the sponsor - money this year.

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