Ferrari: Ugly noses will not play a key role

Author of the article: , published January 30, 2014.

After the first days of this year's testing, Ferrari's technical director James Allison commented on the noses, which, according to him, will not be too marked in this year's form of racing cars. Allison says that after the presentations of the race cars, we saw many different nose designs, where no two are the same: “If you look at the race cars, you will soon find that they are all very different. In fact, there are not many similarities between any of them, the reason for this is found in the rules, which allow a lot of room for maneuver.

So the aerodynamics of the racing cars are very different this year, but a different approach in this area will not play a key role in my opinion. I come from Lotus, where they took a very aggressive approach this year, and at Ferrari we chose a completely different approach. ”

However, Toro Rosso chief planner Luca Furbatto agrees with James, who sees no problems with his nose this season: “I see no reason why noses should be a problem this season. It may only look from the side, but design solutions are not necessarily beautiful either. There are several issues with the durability of the material, especially the engine and everything that goes with it, so I pay the most attention to that. ”

Luca says that aerodynamics will remain an important factor, but this year the engine and engine parts will play a more key role: “Of course, weight is also important, where you can have a heavier racer and lose some room for maneuver. In the end, the most important thing will be the durability of the material, which will be related mainly to the maneuvering space and in the end only the aerodynamics. ”

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