Ferrari drove more than 1500 kilometers in Fiorano

Author of the article: , published January 31, 2021.

The team Ferrari was quite active on its track this week Fioran, where v five days of testing total taken more than 500 rounds, or 1500 kilometers. Behind the wheel Ferrari SF71H from the 2018 season, seven racers were replaced in those five days, and the busy work week ended Mick Schumacher, this year 's team racer Haas and a Ferrari tight racer, Callum ilott.

He drove the first kilometers of this year on Tuesday Charles Leclerc, and on Wednesday and Thursday he got used to the dynamics of his new team Carlos Sainz, which before this year 's season in Maranello moved out of the team McLaren.

The opportunity to drive a red car was also given to three racers of the Ferrari Academy of Young FDA Racers, Marcus Armstrong, Robert Schwartzman Tue Giuliano Alesi. For the latter, it was a farewell from the team as the son of a former racer Jean Alessi passes into the racing waters in Asia.

V Scuderia marked the week as productive, as the racers gained the necessary experience, and a team of mechanics and engineers were introduced back to racing, testing and procedures, including self-protection measures against the corona virus, which they otherwise perform during the season.

"Seven racers in five days and more than 1500 kilometers were a working week for the team," said the Ferrari sports chief, Laurent mekies. “The most important thing was that our regular racers, Charles and Carlos, who were driving for the first time after the winter break, drove a few kilometers. The boys from the FDA got the opportunity for new kilometers behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car. For Carlos, these were the first laps in a Ferrari car, and Marcus drove a Formula 1 car for the first time. Giuliano said goodbye to us with the test, as he will no longer member of our academy.

Even more important was the atmosphere along our home track, as the boys were looking forward to returning to the track, where they were preparing for the start of this season."

Testing, which took place in cold weather, was also monitored from the pits on Friday Maya weug, who last week became the first member of the fairer sex joined the Ferrari Academy.

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