Fernando Alonso won the Chinese Grand Prix

Author of the article: , published April 14, 2013

The race was started excellently by Hamilton from the first starting position, along with the German, Raikkonen wasted everything at the start, which was overtaken by both Ferraris (Alonso before Massa). Australian Mark Webber started the race from the pits, but already in the second lap he drove into the pits, to replace softer tires with harder ones, thus meeting the rules that he must use both versions of tires in the race. Already in the second round, Felipe Massa started attacking Fernando Alonso, but he did not have a chance to use DRS in the third round. Massi also approached Raikkonen, but Alonso accelerated slightly and started Hamilton’s attacks.

At the start of the fifth lap, Alonso attacked and overtook Hamilton in the first turn, immediately after that he also overtook the German in the first turn of Massa, whom Kimi also tried to overtake in the first turn, but he did not succeed immediately. During this time, Hulkenberg and Vettel also overtook, where the latter overtook backwards, but more important was the accident of Guiterrez and the ignition of Adrian Sutil's race car in the pits, which also left him without a rear wing. The first stops also began in this crowd, with Hamilton being the first to take turns, then the rest and later Alonso a round in front of Massa. The Brazilian's later stop was a waste of time, as he was even behind Raikkonen and Webber.

The second part of the race started with attacking the racers who drove to the stop earlier and started to overtake those without stops. In the lead, Hulkenberg drove in front of Vettl, Buttn, Perez and di Resto, and Vergno. Alonso quickly overtook Vergna, as did Hamilton soon after. Massa also progressed nicely lap after lap, but he drove in tenth place behind Raikkonen after overtaking Bottas. In the twelfth lap, Alonso was more than a second and a half faster than the racers in front of him, as they had not changed their tires at that time. The Spaniard first overtook di Resto, then a lap later Perez, and it was Button's turn. In the fifteenth lap, they drove to the stop of Hulkenberg and Vettel, where the latter was faster when Nico stood in the pits for too long while slowly changing the rear right tire. At the same time, Webber and Vergne collided, where the latter apparently overlooked the overtaking of the Australian.

When the mechanics at Red Bull changed the front wings of Webber, Raikkonen and Perez had already crashed. The Finn hit the nose of the car, which opened, but that didn't stop him, as he overtook Perez in the next lap. At Red Bull, they did the right thing when they called Webber to the pits, despite the fact that he told them that the car was being driven. However, even after the preventive stop, everything was not right, as he started to drive very slowly, the team told him to return to the pits really slowly, but in a sharp right turn, the rear right tire came off. hair went around Alonso and Hamilton, and Perez was just as close.

In the twentieth lap, the second stops began, where Massa was the first to take the second tire change, followed by Raikkonen and Hamilton, and most of the racers from the background. In the twenty-fourth lap, he drove Alonso into the pits, followed by Button, and Vettel took the lead. The race continued at an even faster pace, as they became easier and faster for the race car. Fernando Alonso overtook Hulkenberg without stopping, chasing the already leading Vettl. Felipe Massa had a bit more problems in the background than Alonso, who somehow stayed behind di Resto, even though he drove with only one tire change. At the same time, Vettl was told on the radio that he could not compete against Alonso, as he was much faster than him, which is why he let him down without any obstacles. In the thirty-first lap, Raikkonen overtook Buttn and drove into the pits just after that to a stop in the pits.

After the stop, Vettel fell behind Masso, and with fresh tires he immediately overtook the Brazilian, and he also managed to attack Hulkenberg without any major problems. Grosjean was also successful in overtaking against Perez, who was also overtaken by di Resta and then by Vergne. By the thirty-seventh lap, Massi managed to get to sixth place, then drove into the pits next to Hulkenberg, but from the stop he literally drove past him. Otherwise, the Brazilian was a little behind, but Hulkenberg had a turn in front of him, which made him have to brake. Before the stops, Vettel managed to overtake Buttn and thus came to the third throw behind Hamiton and Alonso. In the fortieth round, it became clear that Alonso would have to go to the pits later than before, as Vettel was getting faster and faster, or the Spaniard getting slower. Raikkonen was also getting faster, but he had already driven into the pits. At the end of the forty-first lap, Alonso drove to a stop, where his front wings were slightly adjusted and new tires were put on. Fernando returned to the track just behind Vettl, but the German had another stop ahead. Alonso did not bow to the wait, as he immediately attacked and took the lead again in the forty-third round.

The last ten laps began with a close battle between Raikkonen and Hamilton for fourth place, and not far ahead of them was also Raikkonen. Interestingly, Alonso drove in first place with more than a five-second lead over Vettl, setting the fastest laps in the race, with Ferrari telling him not to put too much pressure, and he himself replied that he wasn’t going wild at all. Six laps before the end, Jenson Button drove to the stop, returning to the track back behind Massa in seventh place with fresh softer tires. Button thus caught and overtook Masso in the next round, and ran into the fight for di Resto.

Five laps in a row, Vettel also drove to the stop, losing second place as expected and falling to fourth behind Raikkonen and Hamilton. Two laps before the end, Vettl managed an incredible time as he drove more than four seconds faster than the racers in front of him. By the end of the race, Fernando Alonso was driving safely in first place and thus deservedly won, followed by Kimi Raikkonen in second place and Hamilton in third place in front of Vettl. It is worth mentioning the fifth Buttn and the sixth Masso, and among the top ten were Ricciardo, di Resta, Grosjean and Hulkenberg.

Photos: Ferrari

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