The Ferrari pair aim for the podium

Author of the article: , published March 13, 2014.

Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso set a goal to finish on the podium for the opening of the 2014 season in Australia.

Raikkonen, who returned to Ferrari after two seasons at Lotus this year, set himself the goal of finishing on the podium.

“We may not have had the best tests in the last few days, but I think we did most of the things we set out to do. We need to see how we get started. We will try to be as good as possible and finish on the podium. All we can do is give our best and see where we end up. If we do everything as it should be, we will succeed, ”said Finec.

Even his teammate Fernando Alonso does not dare to set his goals too high, because in the first race there can always be quite interesting results. However, the Spaniard also admits that the podium is one of his goals.

“We need to see where we are and how competitive we are. I don’t think we should be either too optimistic or too pessimistic because the race in terms of success is still unknown to everyone at the moment. If we do everything right, both points and podiums will be possible. Even if we make a small mistake, the race for this year can be over. We have to focus 100%, ”emphasizes Alonso.

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