Fearless racers Neli Štrajhar and Taja Petkovšek Škrlj follow in the footsteps of Katja Pivk

Author of the article: , published January 3, 2023.

While the five-time national champion Katja Pivk from Žirov, who has won practically everything that could be won in karting in recent years, said goodbye to the karting tracks at least temporarily, the representatives of the fairer sex already have two new irons in the fire, the promising racer Neli Štrahjar and Tajo Petkovšek Škrlj.

After her father Boštjan inspired her to go karting, Taja Petkovšek Škrlj started her sports career in 2015 with the help of Domn and Francij Jerančič, from whom she also bought her first Lotus Micro Max go-kart. Two seasons later, she tested herself in the Rotax Mini max class, where she won third place, and she was also third in the Sportstil Cup abroad.

Taja Petkovšek Škrlj will compete in class DD2 this year.

A short break from matches followed, as last season she mainly trained in the Senior max category, and in the 2023 season she will compete in the DD2 category, where she mainly aims for the podium. It will be an added bonus for her if she manages to outrun any of the fast guys.

Neli Štrajhar is also achieving very promising results. The nine-year-old from Prapreč started her career in karting in 2020, and in her premiere appearance in the Sportstil Cup in the mini 50 category, she won all three races and celebrated the victory, and then repeated the success in the second and last race of the season in Vransko.

Neli Štrajhar impressed with her premiere appearance and special driving style.

Last year, she and her team decided to enter the stronger Rotax Mico group, but she missed the matches on home soil during the season and devoted herself to training with a new, stronger and much faster go-kart, with which she competed in the championship match in Austria towards the end of the year Clubsport Austria Championship. Despite the small number of laps on the Styria track, which was new to her, she finished the first race in a promising second place, and due to mistakes, which were mainly due to lack of experience, ended the championship in third place overall.

You will be able to keep your fingers crossed for the girls in a few weeks, when the first matches of this year's karting championship will take place.

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