Fans chose the 5 best races of last season

Author of the article: , published January 9, 2022.

Last Formula 1 season will be recorded as one of the most exciting in its history. We only decided on the champion in the last race of the season, when after controversial decisions by race director Michael Masi, Max Verstappen won by overtaking the victory in the last lap. The season was so full of exciting moments. That's why the fans had to work hard after choosing the best race of last season on the official Formula 1 website. More than 52 fans took part in the poll.

19% of all participants chose the Monza race as the best race of the season. This, in addition to the collision and resignation of the best two racers of the season, marked the McLaren team. Daniel Ricciardo brought the Woking team its first victory since 2012. The success was complemented by a second-place Lando Norris. It was also the first double victory for the team since 2010.

Second place went to the last race in Abu Dhabi with 16%, where Max Verstappen won his first title just at the end. Third place went to the race in Brazil. Among the five are races in Azerbaijan and Hungary. On the latter, Esteban Ocon achieved his first victory of his career.

Voting results:

  1. Monza - 19%
  2. Abu Dhabi - 16%
  3. Sao Paulo - 10%
  4. Baku - 8%
  5. Budapest - 6%