Fan Boost - when spectators give power to the engines

Author of the article: , published July 1, 2014.

In Formula One, we have recently witnessed a number of changes with which those responsible want to spice up races that have become artificial and uninteresting over the years. With moves such as the introduction in 2011 of a movable rear wing (DRS), which facilitates overtaking by reducing the vacuum and resistance of the rear wing, they are trying to achieve more overtaking, and since then some changes have been introduced to compensate for the not so very impressive sound of powertrains.

The FIA ​​seems to be willing to do anything and more to make racing interesting, but unfortunately they have the environment, safety, and money in mind. Above all, the fact that the development of racing cars would not become too expensive and that racing cars would not be too dangerous separates Formula One from the spectacle as it used to be.

Formula one is getting greener with all this. New technologies are being introduced, such as KERS, this year the ERS, which generates electricity from exhaust gases, which racers can then use later in the lap, for example, as an overtaking aid.

If formula one were even greener, it would be dangerously close to the image of a completely new class of racing. Formula E. Formula E is a project of all-electric race cars. But more about her yourself some other time. More interestingly, they recently introduced a new idea. Spectators were allowed to vote to determine which racers will be able to use the extra acceleration during the race.

The three racers who, according to viewers, will earn the most additional engine power, will receive around 67 kilowatts (90 horsepower) of additional power from the electric motor that drives the car. Votes can be cast via the website, Facebook, Twitter and also via the app, and voting will take place from the beginning of the previous one until the start of the new race.

The same could be done in Formula One, as the ERS gives the racer an additional 160 horsepower per lap, which he can consume in a maximum of 33 seconds. To make everything all the more interesting, viewers could vote to see which of the racers in the current race deserves the extra engine power. This racer, or the three racers with the most votes, could be given an extra few kilowatts of power, or an extra few seconds. Maybe even a whole circle with the help of the EDF.

Although I advocate more realistic and less artificial ways to improve the show, such as the return of refueling, I am convinced that the above idea will sooner or later come to the attention of the International Automobile Association, perhaps even to the delight of a wider audience. on the course of the race i sometimes secretly clench my fists so that Valtteri Bottas would still be able to overtake both Mercedes.

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