Faggioli with record runs to the fifth victory in Ilirska Bistrica

Author of the article: , published September 4, 2016.

Simone Faggioli justified the role of the biggest favorite to win the mountain speed race in Ilirska Bistrica, where he improved the track record twice today and quite deservedly celebrated the overall, his fifth, victory in this race. The Italian set a new milestone with the prototype of the Osella FA30 2: 00.57, and on the way to victory he was driven by his compatriot in the same car, Christiano Merli. After the last run, he was 1.37 seconds behind the winner, despite excellent times.

The dominance of the Italians was confirmed by the third place of Paride Macario with Norma M20FC. Czech Miloš Beneš was fourth with Osella FA30 at the end.

Among the Slovenian participants, the fastest in the overall ranking was Patrik Zajelšnik, who took fifth place, his brother Aleks (both with the Norma M20F prototype) took eleventh place, and Vladimir Stankovič unfortunately resigned.

In the Slovenian national championship, Milan Bubnič won in front of Gregor Brešer and Peter Marc. It was very close in Division 1, where Gregor Jurak won with a 48-hundredth of a second advantage over Manuel Dessard, and the third this time was Jenko Čebron, otherwise the leader in scoring the championship in this division. Aleš Žakelj, the closest follower of Čebron in the division championship, was fifth with Zastava Yugo, while Tadej Dessardo was fourth.

Tilen Pogačar won in Division 2 with a 28-hundredth of a second advantage, and with the victory he also took the lead in the overall championship standings from Matevž Čudn. The latter finished the race in second place, and Martin Jeršin was third.

Photos: Nika Štremfelj

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