F3 Monza: The platforms flew from Parabolika

Author of the article: , published September 7, 2019.

After a horrific accident a week ago in Spa, in which Anthoine Hubert died, this weekend in Monza, spectators were frightened by Formula 3 racer Alex Peroni, who drove off the track and over a high curb in the fastest bend of the track called Parabolika. has been installed by race management to prevent racers from getting on time by driving off the designated track. The Campos race car took off at high speed into the air, where he did a pirouette and then landed on protective tires.

The memory of the tragedy from a week ago is still very much alive, so viewers were relieved when the Australian racer, despite a seemingly serious accident, got out of the car and walked to the ambulance, which then took him to the medical center for additional examinations.

The race management decided after the accident to withdraw the curb to continue the racing weekend, but the commissioners will severely punish the racers who drive off the track in this fast turn.