F1 is planning additional qualifying for the sprint race

Author of the article: , published April 1, 2023

The F1 race weekend format, which features a Saturday sprint race, could get a novelty in Azerbaijan.

This year, there are as many as six weekends on the race calendar, when we will watch the Saturday sprint race, and another qualification, separate from the Saturday ones, for the Sunday race should be added to the schedule.

Currently qualifying for the sprint race takes place on Friday, while Saturday's race determines the grid for Sunday's test. The leaders would now like to separate Saturday's sprint race from the rest of the race weekend, and the changes could come into effect as early as the race in Baku.

Under the new proposal, drivers would still have free practice on Friday and then qualify, which would determine the grid for Sunday's Grand Prix.

Saturday's second free practice would be replaced by another qualifier, which would determine the order for the sprint race. The idea should be supported by the teams in principle, and the racers could afford to be more aggressive in the sprint race, as a possible failure would not spoil the main race.

With the change, Saturday's free practice would also disappear from the calendar, which according to racers and teams is not the most popular, mainly because after Friday's qualifications they cannot change the car's settings and thus does not serve to collect relevant data.

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