Espargaro MotoGP urges reflection on hot races

Author of the article: , published September 27, 2023.

Pol Espargaro believes that the leading people of the MotoGP championship should also think about how to run races in high heat in the future.

The MotoGP riders faced high temperatures at the Indian Grand Prix, which left them exhausted to the limit. Jorge Martin, who finished the race in second place, even needed medical attention due to dehydration before the trophies were awarded. The race was shortened by three laps for safety reasons, but the racers warned that the conditions were much tougher than, for example, in Malaysia. One of them is Pol Espargaro, who said he felt a weakness that forced him to drive slower to reach the finish line.

The Spaniard says that due to the heat, the races should also be shortened in the future. "We cannot race in such conditions," he said. "We installed a temperature sensor on the fuel tank of the motorcycle and measured 65 degrees Celsius. It's the air we breathe directly on the plains, so you can imagine why it's difficult. It was also one of the longest races on the calendar. We drove 38 minutes in Barcelona, ​​and 42,5 minutes here, which is the most this year. Together with the hottest conditions and high humidity in the air, it was all too much," says Espargaro, who suggested another date for the race as a possibility.

This topic should be discussed with the management of the championship this weekend in Motegi.

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