Espargaro: Honda is back

Author of the article: , published March 7, 2022.

After winning third place at the start of the season, Pol Espargaro made it clear: Honda is back

Despite good performances in training, the younger of the Espargaro brothers did not fall into the shortlist of favorites to win. But the Spaniard took the lead in the start of the race and took almost two seconds ahead of the pursuers. He held the leading position until the seventeenth lap, when he was first overtaken by Bastianini on the start-finish plane, and after a mistake on braking in the first turn, Brad Binder.

Despite the wasted opportunity for the first victory in the elite class, the Spaniard was more than satisfied with the third place. According to him, even without a mistake, he would not be able to fight for victory. However, he proved that the most difficult period of Honda is over.

“The race did not go exactly according to our plan. I expected to fight in a group with other racers. So maybe you could save some tires and fuel for the end of the race. I was driving at the border, so the seven laps to the end of my tire were at the end. ”

“When Aeneas overtook me, I found myself in his breeze. The speed increased so rapidly that I thought I was going to get stuck in the sand. Somehow I managed to stop in time, but Brad overtook me. "

“Nevertheless, I am very happy, as this is a clear message that Honda is back. Not only with Marco, I'm here too. ” 

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