Espargaro: The bike is not good on this track

Author of the article: , published April 1, 2023

Aleix Espargaro admitted after Friday's free practice, which he and his teammate Maverick Vinales finished at the top, that their motorcycle has big problems on this track. But as it seems, the problems of competitors are even greater.

Espargaro, who celebrated his first victory in the elite class last year on this very track, was fast already in the first practice, when he was only behind Vinales. On the second, the two racers only changed positions and thus confirmed the good form of Aprilia.

Espargaro did not find an answer to the question of why RS-GP is so competitive on this track.

"I do not know. The motorcycle does not perform well on this track. But it seems that the competitors have even bigger problems."

"I felt much better in Portimao. I had a very good grip there, I was fast in the corners. Here, however, I feel like I'm riding on ice, because the motorcycle is extremely slippery. It seems that the competitors have even bigger problems with this."

From what was seen on Friday, the two Aprilia racers seem to be the main favorites to win, both on Saturday and Sunday.

"I've been confident ever since I arrived at the racetrack. Despite last year's success, there were some doubts as things could change in the new season. I'm glad we proved that the bike is still competitive.”

"I started the morning a bit more cautiously. I made a big mistake in Silverstone last year, which I didn't want to repeat now. Then in the afternoon I drove a bit faster. We have a good rhythm, and we are also fast for one lap."

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