Ecclestone: The fuel rules are ridiculous

Author of the article: , published March 19, 2014.

The head of Formula One, Bernie Ecclestone, described the rules on fuel consumption as completely inconsistent with the spirit of the sport. “All the rules (on fuel consumption) seem ridiculous to me,” he said after the FIA ​​stripped Red Bull racer Daniel Ricciard of second place from the Australian Grand Prix due to fuel irregularities. “We are not preparing for endurance races. If something controls how much fuel you can consume during a race, then it makes no sense for the rules to determine how much fuel you can have in the race car at the start of the race.

If you spend too much, then you will run out of it before the goal. The rules should be so simple, shouldn't they, ”Ecclestone summed up the thoughts of many viewers.

The Briton reiterated that he did not like the new six-cylinder engines and reiterated that there was no need for Formula One to turn its back on V8 engines. “Everything should be tackled without having these engines at all. It’s not about endurance racing. There is a Le Mans series for this.

We are into entertainment. The majority of viewers do not even understand the engines. If you were asked in the stands last year how many rollers the race cars have, what do you think how many spectators would know? They don't know and they don't care, "said Ecclestone, who believes that spectators" want to see a race, not a technological achievement. The spectators liked last year's engine and there was no need to replace it. "

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