Ecclestone critical of Formula 1

Author of the article: , published on February 22, 2016.

Bernie Ecclestone told the English Daily Mail that Formula 1 is at its lowest level to date. "I personally wouldn't give my money to watch a game like this with my family," the eighty-five-year-old Briton was critical. Criticism is intended for those who are looking for only their short-term solutions in Formula 1. "I will do my best, in everything and for everything that would be best for Formula 1," Ecclestone added.

That being said, the Briton wanted, more than a racing series, to criticize teams looking for only short-term solutions to their survival. So the criticism was directed at the Mercedes and Ferrari teams, which are resisting major reforms, to the detriment of smaller teams, which, in his opinion, are holding them back, such as the introduction of alternative engines, for which the Briton is working hard. Ecclestone called the interconnection of big teams a cartel and concluded that its purpose is only to provide the best that is currently possible, even if he is not personally satisfied with it.

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