E-Sports: 4th GTSS9 2021 Championship Race - Brands Hatch - Live

Author of the article: , published on October 2, 2021.

The fourth race of this year's GTSS18 championship season will take place today at 9 p.m. It is a championship that takes place on a popular racing simulation Gran Turismo Sport, and the racers will be driving on the famous track today Brands Hatch.

Today, there are two races on the schedule, namely the Rookie and Amateur classes, in the latter I also compete alone. For me, this will be the fourth race in any championship at all, and in the three so far, I have found that they are also beginners and amateurs in both classes extremely fast.

Until the start of the race, we have a choice of one of two race cars, namely the Aston Martin DBR9 or Jaguar F-Type Gr.3. Considering the trainings, I expect a tense race in the foreground, where I will probably not tailor the outcome myself, as I am missing quite a few (seconds per lap) to the best in the class. But every lap and every race brings new experiences, so I expect quite a few of these, but I hope for some point and aim for ranking around seventh place.

I hope you enjoy watching the races, but I will be happy for any comment below, be it praise, criticism, or some advice for better times 😉

The presentation of the 4th race was prepared by Danijel Vehab

Video: Daniel Wahhab

Race GTSS9 - Brands Hatch Rookie

In the Rookie server race, after the dominant race, ART_DeJovis won without mistakes, ahead of Milena_Hudin and GT-al-jAzem.

Race GTSS9- Brands Hatch Amateur

In the Amateur server race, he celebrated the victory Gregor Dajčar with a nickname Snoopy_swbe, the second was krrzz4and the third aljazanej.

Although I was expecting a tough race, it was an extremely strenuous ordeal for me, which became even more difficult after a mistake in the second corner of the first lap, when I was obviously surprised by the cold track and cold tires at the brakes. From there, I continued the race with the damaged car from the background, and the lack of grip caused some more spins and a subsequent collision with the fence, which sealed my race, as the car was too damaged.

Due to the technical problems of one of the racers, I could not finish worse than 10th place, so despite the disappointment, I continued to the finish line and in the end won one point. But we learn from our mistakes and such difficult races strengthen us. Now follows a couple of hours of rest, followed by training for the next race, which will be as early as next weekend.

The championship stops at the racetrack Tsukuba, which we will attack with a race car Subaru WRX Sti Isle of Man Gr.X.. As a novice, I know neither the racetrack nor the race car, so again a steep learning curve awaits me.

Before that, the Semi-PRO and PRO server races will follow, which will take place on Sunday.