DRS also in DTM

Author of the article: , published April 10, 2013

The organizers of the DTM championship have decided to introduce softer tires and DRS, thus promising more attractive races in this German championship. Namely, it is known that DRS greatly increases the chances of overtaking, and the tires will provide an additional factor that will make a difference between racers.

As in Formula One, of course, the DRS will be limited, in the DTM, the racer will be allowed to use it when he approaches someone for at least two seconds. Also, use will be limited to once per round, but not to where. The viewers will be able to notice the use on the rear wing, which will drop an additional 15 degrees when the system is active, and then return to its original position.

Let’s also mention that the softer tires in lap tests also improved lap times by a second, which promises really faster cars. In addition to speed, stops will also be interesting, because as we know in DTM there is a so-called window when they can be made. However, there are also slight changes in the rules in this area, as they will not be allowed to change tires in the first and last three laps of the race. It is also worth mentioning the qualifications, where racers will be allowed to change tires in Q4 and fight with fresh tires for the fastest qualifying time.

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